Richland will be offering three types of STEAM Summer Camps for kids Summer 2015. One summer camp is a programming & game design summer camp in partnership with UT Dallas, the second option is an animated, sculptural art summer camp in partnership with Dynamic Art, and the third option is a robotics camp in partnership with Robots 4 U. All classes are held at Richland College. Register early as class size is limited!

Programming Summer Camps

In partnership with UT Dallas, Richland is hosting three Programming Summer Camp sessions. Let your kids enjoy learning Scratch, Logo, JavaScript, and GameMaker. It’s the perfect way for children to interact with programming fundamentals in an enjoyable, informal way and possibly discover their passion for a career in STEM fields.

 July 6-10July 27-31
Level 1: Grades 3-5 (Computers provided) 2D Animations with Scratch (Morning) Explore Coding Tools (Afternoon) Explore Coding Tools (Morning) 2D Animations with Scratch (Afternoon)
Level 2: Grades 6-8 (Must bring a laptop) Alice JavaScript, GameMaker

Half Day Sessions (Level 1): 9-12:00 p.m. -and/or- 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Full Day Sessions (Levels 2): 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

For camp specifics and cost, please visit UT Dallas’ K-12 Computer Science webpage and to register please visit UT Dallas’ Summer Camp registration web page here.

Be sure to review UTD’s refund policy and other guidelines prior to registering.

*New Summer 2015* Dynamic Art Summer Camp

This unique program is a moving Art project, where children 7 to 12, build unique art projects that are animated. Each project incorporates visual designs that the student arranges as their own creation and through a variety of devices ensures that this sculpture moves. The Dynamic Art program combines art and technology while challenging your child to explore the relationship of these ideas. Through this program your child will be given the experience of making moving sculptures. Through the use of motors, gears and pulleys your child will learn how to turn their art to an exciting new level. They will be making beautiful and fun unique sculptures that exist as art and decorative objects. Campers will create unique moving pieces of art and closely examine the partnership between engineering and art. Morning (9-11:30am) and afternoon (12:30-3pm) camp options are available.

All Sessions Now Closed

Robotics Summer Camps

These camps combine computer science and engineering with daily robotics challenges and an end-of-the-week competition. Each camp is 90% hands-on and includes individual design, building, and creating up to seven robots. Beginners are welcome and all levels will find these camps both challenging and fun. Ages 7 to 17 are welcome. Campers should bring their own lunches and drinks. Morning (9-11:30am) and afternoon (12:30-3pm) camp options available.

Two sessions: June 22-26, July 27-31

For program, pricing and registration, please visit Robots-4-U’s website.

Be sure to review Robots 4 U’s refund policy and other guidelines prior to registering.


For room location and general questions for any of these camps, Contact Heather Lozano at 972-238-6918 or by email at