African American/Black Studies

Contact Information Coordinator
Department Office: Lavaca Hall, L208
Phone: 972-238-6943
LaQueta Wright
Phone: 972-761-6715


Our Foundation

African American/Black Studies is unique and representative of American culture by teaching students to critique, analyze, and interpret cultural and historical roles of people of African descent throughout the world in the context of life in the United States of America.

Our Focus

African American/Black Studies reflects the unique contribution of African Americans while at the same time teaches a deeper understanding of the interrelatedness of community. It does so through innovative, interdisciplinary, instructional approaches with community involvement.

Intercultural Education

With African American/Black Studies students can:

  • Be more competitive in a diverse business environment as a culturally aware individual.
  • Complete core curriculum requirements within any field of study with fully transferable courses in African American/Black Studies.