ID Card Information

Richland College

The Richland College (RLC) Identification Card is the official college identification throughout your entire enrollment. This card is mandatory and must be presented to secure campus services and privileges. Students may obtain ID cards at any time during the academic year, but are highly encouraged to obtain one as soon after registration as possible.  The cards are obtained from the Office of Student Life, (El Paso Hall, room E040). Students must present their paid fee receipts. Photo IDs are strongly recommended. Duplicate fee receipts are available at no additional cost from the Richland College Business office. There is no cost for the first ID card, but there will be a non-refundable replacement fee of ten dollars ($10) for a card that is lost, stolen, or for those who have had a name change, or would prefer another photo. All fees for identification cards should be paid at the Business Office Cashier located in ThunderDuck Hall (T140).

Richland Collegiate High School (RCHS)

Richland Collegiate High School students must have an RCHS Identification Card. To obtain your card, please bring a copy of your class schedule/printout from the RCHS Office to the Office of Student Life (El Paso Hall, room E040). This schedule/printout should be stamped with the RCHS logo as proof of your enrollment. The RCHS Administrative Offices are located in Crockett Hall, Room C165.

Continuing Education (CE) Courses at Richland College

Non-Credit Classes (CE) do not get a photo ID.  They only receive a paper ID (from Continuing Education) with their unique student number.

Emeritus Program

The Emeritus Program Office can print a receipt for program participants.  Only Emeritus students taking credit courses will be eligible for a student ID. The RCHS Emeritus Offices are located in Crockett Hall, Room C120.

Health Professions

Students participating in a Health Professions externship are eligible for a Richland College Student ID.  Each student must submit a Student ID Card Request form signed by the Richland College Health Professions Staff.  The RLC Health Professions Office is located in Sabine Hall, Room SH205.


All faculty and staff looking to obtain an ID must complete the Faculty/Staff ID Log within the Office of Student Life.  A photo ID is preferred to verify identity.