Welcome to the Richland College family!

We are thrilled to have you as one of the newest members of the Richland College family. You have made a very important decision to continue your education, and we are excited you chose us! We encourage you to immediately begin the registration process once you have been accepted for enrollment at Richland College. For new to college students, your registration will take place at a required OAR Session.

What’s an OAR Session?

The Orientation, Advising and Registration Session is a very important step in your preparation for college life at Richland. This experience will provide you an opportunity to

  • meet other new students,
  • hear from faculty members and administrators and learn about their expectations for students;
  • tour the campus
  • ask questions
  • participate in academic advisement and register for your classes.
What do I need to do before signing up for an OAR Session?

Step 1:
Submit Official High School transcripts and/or test scores. Submit your transcript and any TAKS, ACT STAAR or SAT test scores to the Admissions Office in T170 in Thunderduck Hall.

Step 2: Assessment Testing
Go to the TSI Assessment/Test website, here to prepare for assessment testing and to print your Assessment/Test referral form or to determine if you are exempt or waived from the TSI Assessment.

Step 3: Get your vaccination
Provide proof of your meningitis vaccination to the Admissions Office. For additional information go here.

Step 4: Choices Career Assessment
New-to-college students must complete a Choices career assessment prior to attending an OAR session. Choices is an easy-to-use, comprehensive career exploration and information system. Go to Career Services in El Paso Hall, E090 to complete your Choices career assessment. For information: https://richlandcollege.edu/career-services/making-career-choices/

Step 5: Sign Up

How and where do I sign up for an OAR session?

Come back to this website to sign up for an OAR session. We suggest that you choose an early date so that you have the most choices for classes.

You may begin to sign up online for a Fall OAR session beginning in May and early June.

You may begin to sign up online for a Spring OAR session beginning the last week of October/first week of November.

Students that begin in the summer term are required to attend an OAR session. Please follow the register link to choose your date.

Register Now

Questions About OAR?

If you have questions about OAR, contact the Academic Advising Department at 972-238-3767.

Please refer to the Admissions office in Thunderduck Hall for more information about the orientation requirement.