How do I get my DCCCD Money Card?
Follow the Log-In Steps and verification instructions listed here.

Is the DCCCD Money Card just for Financial Aid students?
No, if you are a credit student with the DCCCD, which includes credit students who are also DCCCD employees or taking a CE class, you will need the DCCCD Money Card to receive your refunds and disbursements in most cases.

I don’t want the DCCCD Money card because I don’t think I will ever get a refund/disbursement. Why is it important to receive a DCCCD Money Card anyway?
Although you might not currently expect a refund/disbursement from DCCCD, we may have a refund/disbursement for you in the future. It may be necessary to drop a class, a class may be cancelled, or you may receive a scholarship or assistance you were not anticipating.

What if I forget my activation word?
Log into eConnect at On the eConnect Main Menu Screen, select “Current Credit Student Menu”. On the eConnect Current Credit Student Menu Screen, scroll down to the Payment & Disbursement section and select “What Is My Activation Word?”

What are my options for receiving my refunds/disbursements?

  • Open a One Account
  • ACH Transfer (Direct Deposit) to a Third Party Bank
  • Paper Check

Can I change my refund/disbursement option?
Yes! Once your account is activated, you have the freedom to change your refund/disbursement option at any time and as often as you would like.

If I choose ACH Transfer or Paper Check, can I get rid of my Higher One card?
No.  Keep it in a safe place!  Even if you choose to have your refunds mailed to you or wired into your own account, you may still need your Higher One card to access your account in the future.

What happens if the DCCCD Money Card is lost, stolen or does not arrive in the mail?
–If the card has NOT been activated, log into eConnect and select the “Order a Money Card Replacement” link in the Payments & Disbursements section. There is no charge to replace a card that has NOT been activated.
–If the card has been activated, the student must contact Higher One directly at 1-877-211-2694 and request a new card. There is a replacement fee for activated cards.

What happens to a refund/disbursement if a student does not have an activated DCCCD Money Card?
Funds will be held at Higher One for 21 days. A check is automatically issued and mailed to the address on file if you verified your mailing address. If the student has not verified their mailing address, the funds will be returned to DCCCD.

What exactly is the OneAccount?
The OneAccount is a fully functioning FDIC insured checking account that allows you to access your refunds/disbursements quickly and easily. You may use the DCCCD Money Card to make purchases anywhere Mastercard® is accepted and withdraw cash without fees at Higher One ATMs located on campus and at the other colleges in the DCCCD.

Are there fees associated with the One Account?
To avoid fees when using the card to make purchases, use the card as credit, not as debit. For all other account fees, refer to the Higher One Fee Schedule located at

How will I know when my refund/disbursement has been processed by HigherOne?
When your refund/disbursement has been processed, Higher One will send an e-mail to the address you verified during activation.

Where can I find a HigherOne ATM machine?
At Richland College, the Higher One ATM machine is located in El Paso Hall next to the cafeteria. There are also Higher One ATM’s at each of the DCCCD colleges as well as other DFW area colleges and universities that use Higher One.

I’m attending two colleges or universities associated with Higher One. Can I merge the old account with the new account?
Yes! For complete instructions about this process, please contact Higher One customer service at 1-877-211-2694.