Great class and really enjoyed the labs. Hopefully the next class can have a little more hands on labs as those are what makes the class really fun and enjoyable. The cell phone lab was the best one as well as the search and seizure lab. The .pdf review chapters can get pretty boring to be honest. Maybe they can be shortened so they are not so long. Field trip was a great idea and hopefully there are more to come.

The ITDF 1305 course has to be the most interesting and useful course I have taken, here we began to use forensic tools and was expected to start to think logically. This is not an easy course and you are expected to earn your grade as for the note book portion of the class it was the start of learning to document every step of your processes, which is critical to the field.

This has been an interesting class this semester. I had the opportunity to learnhow to use a variety of useful tools used in the Forensics field to evualte files contained in cell phones, computer hard drives,PDA’s, Flash Drives, and so forth. FROM a novices viewpoint, it’s looks easy to perform,much like watching CSI program(Hollywood) stuff. However,in reality, it’s a time consuming process, that requires knowledge skills developed from performing the various labs in 1305. The best part of this course was the hands-on portion,ie; the labs. The lectures were excellent as were the multimedia power point presentations. We are required to keep a note book for the lab portion.I would like to see in writing what specific items such as terms, definations, screen shots,along with all step by step instructions,up front in the syllabus. Overall, I would recommend this course to someone interested in this type of work. I plan to continue in this degree plan, and register for spring forensics courses.

The course ITDF-1305, like other ITDF courses, is very nicely organized. From the day you enter the classroom, we are given an outline and a breakdown of what is expected and when everything is due. As far as what he course covers, it seems to be right on point to what is expected from us in the field. Learning about the widely used tools first before actually using them is important because as we now know, every tool is different and there is not one special tool that will do everything for you. Really looking forward putting these tools to use in the next courses.

Fundamentals of Digital Data Storage was a very informative class, I really enjoyed the class structure. Although some of the information was very tedious. The instructor of course is very knowledgeable of the information presented in this course. He takes the time out to make sure you understand the information presented and not make it so intense. If I could take all of my classes under his instruction, whether it be online or classroom instruction I would. I enjoyed your class Zoltan, I look foward to taking more classes under your instruction.

This was a great class, Zoltan is very knowledgable about the subject matter. He has the experience to be able to teach us from both the corporate and the law enforcement angles of this business. I feel privileged that someone with this type of experience is teaching at a Community college. He has given me a different perspective many times and made me think instead of assume.

I would recommend this class to anyone interested in this field. I believe I have a solid foundation for both my degree and a career in digital forensics.

The syllabus and grading methods are clear and the book supports the class well. He is very clear about what he expects, but is sensitive and knows when concessions need to be made. He, better than most professors, understands that there is a grey area and not every rule is hard and fast and should be adhered to with no regard for mistakes and unforeseen circumstances.

He also has a sense of humor and doesn’t conduct his classes like a police state, which helps to break up the class and allow us to keep focused.

I learned A LOT in this class and it’s exactly what I was hoping it would be. I am excited about the next set of classes.