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The mission of the International Business curriculum at Richland College is to help students acquire knowledge of the cultural, global, and ethical environments within which businesses operate; an appreciation of the impact of business decisions the relevant stakeholders; an understanding of the importance of diversity in organizations; and a basic understanding of the management of information and information technology that is required to make sound decisions. The International Business program also strives to help students develop the skills required to integrate knowledge from various disciplines to define business problems and research solutions; to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills essential to solving business problems; to develop the communication skills necessary to effectively participate in the business environment and larger society; to work effectively within a team environment; and to the develop the ability to analyze ethical situations within the context of the global business environment with an appreciation for the meaning of social responsibility.

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“International” is a word used more and more in our society to describe many things. Take any typical day of a US consumer and you will quickly realize how much interaction takes place on an “International” scale. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the gas you use, the food you eat, the cell phone you carry and many other items originated from another country before you made your purchase at your local business.

All of this happens because of International Business and Trade. The US is the world’s largest consumer of goods and services and as such actively participates in the world markets. As a business person it is critical that one understand how the world of International Business functions because you are an active part of it whether you realize it or not.

In Dallas Texas we enjoy a large and growing business in International Trade. DFW is 5th in the country in international business conducted in our area some $50 Billion in trade takes place each year and is growing.

How does one become part of this ever growing industry? They need skills that can be applied to the many different areas of International Business and Richland College can provide that skill set. Come explore our program and see what you can do with a degree or certificate in International Business and Trade.

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