CPS Credit Course List

Contact Information
Angela Nino
BOSS Lead Faculty

Students who pass all sections of the CPS exam will be granted credit for 15 hours from the Business Office Systems & Support (BOSS) courses. Choose five of the following courses:

POFI 1301 – Computer Applications I
POFI 1341 – Computer Applications II (MS Office) or
POFI 1349 – Spreadsheets (Excel)
POFT 1301 – Business English
POFT 1309 – Administrative Office Procedures
POFT 1319 – Records Management
POFT 2312 – Business Correspondence and Communication

Students must complete 12 college level hours within the DCCCD and at least two courses must be completed in the Business Office Systems & Support program with a grade of C or better. Credit earned through the CPS is applicable only to the Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in the Business Office Systems & Support program.