1. Once you receive the Higher One Refund Card, log on to DCCCDMoneyCard.com and click “Get Started”. Enter the card information, your activation word, and your e-mail address. Follow the instructions to select how your refunds and disbursements will be issued.

    NOTE: If you do not remember your activation word, log in to eConnect. On the eConnect Current Credit Student Menu Screen, scroll down to the Payment & Disbursement section and select “What Is My Activation Word?”

  2. There are three (3) options given for you to choose from.
    1. The first choice is, “Deposit to the One Account”. This option will automatically activate the DCCCD Money Card. As with any bank account, fees may be charged. (Please refer to the fee schedule to make an informed choice)
    2. The second choice is, “Deposit to another account.” This option is for an ACH transfer to the back account of your choosing, also known as direct deposit.
    3. The third choice is “Paper check via US mail”.
  3. Click “select” below the option that you are choosing and following the remaining instructions until activation is complete.