I’m a single parent, do I qualify?
You qualify as long as:

  • Your minor child/children reside with you, and you are not living with the child’s other parent
  • You are in a technical program – (Associate in Applied Science Degree)
  • Show a financial need

I’m not a single parent, can I still qualify?
Yes, if you’re pursuing one of the Smart Careers programs and show a financial need.

I receive financial aid, can I still qualify?
Yes, as long as you meet the above listed requirements.

I am a single parent and have a financial need but I’m not in a technical program, and working on an Associates of Arts/Science degree. Can I still qualify?
Unfortunately you do not qualify. The program is funded by Carl D. Perkins vocational education act and we must follow their guidelines which, states students must be in a Technical Program.

Will I qualify if I’m married but separated?
Yes, as long as your spouse does not live in the home and the children reside with you.

My kids are grown and I want to come back to school. Can I qualify as a displaced homemaker?
Possibly, in order to qualify as a displaced homemaker you must be someone who has been out of the job market for several years. Possibly staying at home and now, you are forced to go back to work because, of a loss of income resulting from a divorce, death of a spouse or, disability of the income provider.