There are three types of members: Elected, Auxiliary, and Honorary.

Due to the busy nature of Richland students, RCSGA has created different types of members. Each type of member has different duties, but contributes to the effectiveness of RCSGA.

Current President and Vice President

Elected in Spring 2014:
President: Quynh Pham
Vice President: Nariman Al-Matari

Elected Members

During General and Special Elections, the people who are voted on to the Council are called the Elected Members. Elected Members vote on all of the issues brought before the RCSGA.

This position has many perks, but has an equal number of requirements. Elected members must work two hours every week, attend all meetings and SPAR events. These members must help one another to achieve goals

Elected Member Facts
  • There can be a maximum of 15 elected members
  • They have one vote in all matters
  • Council can give Auxiliary Members the status of Elected members, when the membership falls below 7
  • They also serve on Richland College committees, when asked.
Auxiliary Member

During General and Special Elections, the people who are not voted onto the Council are offered the role of Auxiliary Membership. They are a vital part of RCSGA. Auxiliary Members often give a fresh perspective to the Council.

They must be at all major functions, but are not required to attend every meeting. They often receive the same leadership training that the Elected Members are given. In special situations, the Council can add auxiliary members to RCSGA.

Auxiliary Member Facts
  • There is no limit to the number of auxiliary members
  • They can vote when serving a committee
  • They can and have gone on to become President
  • They can serve as chairs of committees
  • They can serve as Historian or Parliamentarian
Honorary Alumni

This privilege is bestowed on former Elected and Auxiliary members who have given a great deal to the RCSGA. While they are honored by this title, they are required to continue serving the RCSGA in order for them to keep it.

Honorary Alumni are not considered to be an active part of the Council and they have no vote, but can help at functions or to train old members.

Honorary Alumni Facts
  • There is not a limit to the number of Honorary Alumni.
  • Non-members can be given this title