Saturday, May 9, 2015
8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Course # 948613
Fee: $42

May is busting out all over and we are celebrating with a tour of charming Glen Rose and its historic Barnard’s Grist Mill of 1860. We will tour the limestone building with walls 3 feet thick for settlers’ protection from the Indians and the tools they used in milling grain. We also visit the Art Museum with paintings and sculptures from famous artists, including Robert Summers, who created a statue of John Wayne and the cowboys and cattle drive in downtown Dallas (the largest sculpture in North America).

The next stop is Granbury with its historical buildings and tall tales. We will have a local step-on guide to let us in on Granbury’s historical secrets. Did John Wilkes Booth escape death after assassinating President Lincoln and settle in Granbury as many residents believe? Why do many locals believe Jesse James lived for years in Granbury after his supposed death? And who lovingly tends the grave there marked ‘Jessie James’?

We will have lunch in Granbury in a restaurant of your choice – lunch on your own.

Then we will explore the shops and museums surrounding the Courthouse Square. The present Limestone Courthouse is the fifth and proudly displays a Seth Thomas town clock installed on this new building in 1891. But there is no mystery about the great shops there with a fascinating selection of specialty items.

As we see Granbury in the rearview mirror, we are headed for the tiny town of Acton, Texas. There we will visit the Smallest State Park in Texas. This tiny cemetery holds the remains of Davy Crockett’s widow, Elizabeth. A statue of Elizabeth was erected at her grave site to honor Texas pioneer mothers.

The bus departs at 8:30 AM from Richland College Parking Lot D and will return to Parking Lot D at 6:00 PM
To register for the trip: call 972-238-6147 or 972-238-6145
Our bus is a Handicapped Accessible Luxury Coach**
**If Accessibility is needed, please register no later than March 20, 2015, then call the Emeritus office at 972-238-6972 for a confirmed reservation with your wheelchair.
The cost of the trip includes transportation only. No refunds after March 6, 2015