Summer 2015 Trip

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame Museum
& Dr. Pepper Museum
Bus Trip to Waco, Texas

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Richland College, Dallas TX

Departs Parking Lot D at 8:00AM and
returns to Parking Lot D at 6:00PM
SRCZ 1000 84925
Cost $48

On our way to Waco, Texas, we, of course, cannot pass the CZECH STOP in West, Texas without stopping for kolaches!

When Texans think of law and order, we think of the TEXAS RANGERS. Their organization was founded in 1885, so the Rangers are now in their third century of protecting Texas citizens. They have kept the peace, allowing the wild Texas state to settle into the land we know today. The whole history of the Rangers will be laid out before us. We will see a display of Bonnie & Clyde and the Texas Ranger who stopped their rampage. A display about the Lone Ranger is there too. We also learn the fascinating history of the Texas Ranger Badge (made from a Mexican coin) as well as many individual heroic tales. See if you can name the artist who sculpted the famous Texas Ranger statue that stands in front of the Rangers Museum. $6 Admission.

We will lunch on our own at a popular Waco restaurant.

Our exciting trip to Waco also tours the Dr. Pepper Museum where we’ll learn the surprising history of this popular soft drink. It pre-dated Coca Cola by one year. We have been drinking Dr. Pepper since 1885 and it has been incorporated into our lives as flavoring for jelly beans, bubble gum, BBQ sauce, lip balms, and ice cream syrup. And it was the drink of choice of Forrest Gump! $6 Admission.

The bus departs at 8:00AM from Richland College Parking Lot D and will return to Parking Lot D at 6:00PM. Our bus is a Handicapped Accessible Luxury Coach.

**If Accessibility is needed, please register no later than June 22, 2015, then call the Emeritus office at 972-238-6972 for a confirmed reservation with your wheelchair.

The cost of the trip includes transportation only.